Sunset Hill Spa

Sunset Hill signature massage
This traditional Balinese deeply healing massage has been handed down through generations in order to promote harmony of body, mind and soul. Greatly improves circulation, relieves muscle tension and stress.
1 hour: 150,000 IDR
1.5 hours: 225,000 IDR
Arometharepy massage
A soothing, relaxing massage using Balinese aromatic essential oil.
1 hour: 170,000 IDR
1.5 hours: 250,000 IDR
Lulur body treatment
This traditional Javanese gentle body scrub commences with a relaxing body massage with essential oils. A blend of local herb ingredients is applied to the skin for a smooth and bright result. This is followed by an application of fresh yogurt and luxurious flower bath to naturally moisture and nourish the skin.
2 hours: 300,000 IDR
Facial treatment
Deep pore cleansing, gentle exfoliation, toning and streaming: this facial treatment includes neck and shoulder massage.
1 hour: 150,000 IDR
Back, neck, and shoulder massage
Focusing on areas of muscle stress in your back, neck and shoulders.
30 min: 100,000 IDR
1 hour: 180,000 IDR
Foot massage
This invigorating massage focuses on the hands and feet using a combination of traditional Balinese and Shiatsu techniques to promote blood circulation and eliminate weariness.
30 min: 100,000 IDR
1 hour: 180,000 IDR
Body scrub
A treatment that will leave your skin smooth, your muscles literally melted and your spirit glowing! This treatment begins with a one hour traditional body massage and is followed by an exfoliating body scrub, finished with a hydrating milk bath.
2 hours: 300,000 IDR
To combine each treatment for a custom spa package please ask one of our staffs.