Please contact us through email for our Best Available Rate without mediator. Room Rates you get from booking directly through us are guaranteed better than any online booking platforms. Kindly notice that we will need a deposit made with a credit card or a Paypal invoice to guarantee and confirm your reservation.

Reservation Conditions

If you wish to confirm your booking directly with us we will need a deposit of the amount of your first night charge. First night charge deposit can be authorized from your credit card or settled through Paypal (Paypal invoice). If you prefer to pay us in cash later on when you are with us (and avoid commission from credit card or Paypal payment) we can cancel this deposit (credit card authorization or Paypal payment) without any charge. Just let us know what is more convenient for you. We do accept cash payment Indonesian Rupiahs, US Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Australian Dollars and Euros currencies based on the daily exchange rate.

Reservation Payment Process

(1) Deposit with a credit card. Please send us the following credit card and Passport information
  1. Type of credit card (Visa or Mastercard or AMEX...)
  2. Full Name on the card
  3. Date of Expiration of the card
  4. CVC code
  5. Passport copy (scan)
Please notice that a bank transaction fee of 3% of the total amount will be added for all card transaction.
(2) Deposit with a Paypal invoice
IIf you prefer not to send your credit card details we can propose you another option with Paypal: to send you a Paypal invoice for the first night charge in US Dollars currency (based on the daily exchange rate) which you can pay online with your credit card or a Paypal account. Please notice that 5% will be added to the total amount of the invoice to cover Paypal transaction and currency exchange fees. Paypal payment can be refunded up to 60 days after the payment date.

Cancellation Conditions

Kindly notice that the first night of your reservation will be charged as a penalty if you cancel less than 15 days before your check in date (no penalty if your reservation cancellation is made at least 15 days before your check in date). Any reservation cancellation made less than 7 days before your initial check in date will not be refunded (100% penalty). Please notice that a bank transaction fee of 3% of the total amount will be added for all card transaction.

Change of Date Conditions

If you request a change of date for your booking we will try our best to adjust your reservation dates according to our availabilities. But please notice that our rooms are booked very fast during the high season: June/July/August/September and mid December/January periods.

Foreign Currency Exchange Policy

All hotel rates quoted in foreign currency may be paid by wire transfer (USD and EUR only) in advance or by cash. By law, all credit card transactions in Indonesia must be processed in Indonesian Rupiah. Our conversion rate changes daily. Due to highly fluctuating exchange rates in Indonesia, this could result in expenses being higher or lower than anticipated for our dollar quoted services.